Seminars & ET

Baydon Seminars 

EPC SeminarOne of the newer initiatives we have started for valued clients are regular educational seminars. 

Our inaugural 'Summer Soiree' was held in August at Baydon, we had flown in Jane Vaughn the world's pre-eminent ET veterinarian and Nutritionist expert for a very informative talk on both of her specialities. 

We also had Ian Watt ……Past Australian Alpaca Association President now residing in the USA. Ian consults on many aspects of the industry and is probably best known for his seminars and workshops focusing on superior breeding programmes incorporating the SRS protocols developed in Australia by Dr Jim Watts. 

A champagne reception in the garden and finally a 3-course lunch in the Museum followed the talks. 

A thoroughly good day enjoyed by all given the wonderful thank you cards and odd Scottish salmon we received (Cheers Derek and Sandra…) 

Although these days are for predominantly for our existing clients however there is often the odd spare seat so it always pays to register your interest with us if you haven't jumped into the wonderful world of alpacas as yet.

EPC Embryo Transfer

Both Cathy and Matthew are BAS accredited Judges and welcome any opportunity to help newcomers to this exciting and developing industry 

In 2007 we were invited to hold a seminar in Norway where we had a great turn out and enjoyed the opportunity to pass on some of the knowledge we have gained over the past 15 years to new alpaca enthusiasts. 

Embryo Transfer

After many exhausting trips and subsequent imports from south America over the years it started to become obvious to us that the quality of our Australian bred alpacas were quickly catching and overtaking many of there South American based cousins. 

This led us to start investing more heavily in Embryo Transfer (ET) for continued genetic enhancement rather than scouring the Altiplano for that elusive 10kg+ cutting 15 micron future stud male to drive our breeding program onward and upward. 

We are the only stud that on completion of a transfer program at our Australian HQ who then flies our technician over to the UK to follow on with flushing our best females here as well. 

Embryo Transfer at EPCWhile this is a very expensive process the results have been outstanding to date and with over 150 recipient females due to give birth to progeny from our top 30 female families we are sure the best is still ahead of us. 

How does it work? 

Well basically in Australia and the UK we have over the years identified our 'Royal lines' these are maternal families that consistently improve their progeny in many cases regardless of the sire. 

We have a range of factors such as micron, density, fertility and show performance that we use to consistently evaluate all alpacas and over time it became pretty obvious who our top families were. 

It is these girls who we mate to our chosen males and then under a super ovulation program we flush their uterus (we currently hold the record of 21 embryos from one flush-Eringa Park Showtime) and then transfer a single embryo to a lower quality female known as the recipient. 

Now that all sounded a lot easier than it actually is and there appears to be an element of luck involved however under the expert eye of our Australian manager Alex she is starting to significantly manipulate 'luck' our way!!! 

The old saying 'mate the best to the best and hope for the best' of the thoroughbred world also applies to alpacas, and not every resulting progeny is the phenotypical superstar we hope for, however genotypically they all meld correctly with our company motto 'Where breeding is everything'!